About the book

A heart-warming comedy of errors for all dog lovers of the twenty-first century…


In the dog-eat-dog world of recessionary New York City, the irrepressible Miss Pink leads a pack of down-on-their-luck women, who ultimately find hope in the most unlikely of places: an over-crowded animal shelter, where unwanted pets are routinely abandoned to their grim fates. Miss Pink, a former marketing executive and divorcee who’s intermittently homeless herself, makes it her mission to find homes for a growing bevy of cuddly canines. Her “adoption walks” bring her to meet a series of fellow New Yorkers, all of whom are struggling with their own personal and financial crises. In other words, they are all uniquely ripe or recruitment in Miss Pink’s master plan- which she’s devising on the fly, by the seat of her favorite pink pants!


“Miss Pink’s passion for her two-legged and four-legged friends in an affirming message of love, will and triumph. May we all find our own heart of Miss Pink.”

– Cynthia Chauvin Miles, author of The 10 Ways to Get and Keep Your Man


“Dogs Have Angels Too reveals what these four-legged creatures give to us, which hopefully will unlock the hearts of the unfamiliar to shelter.”

– Barbara Mcree, CEO of Mutt Madd-ness No-Kill Rescue.


“A moving story of when the unimaginable happens and changes the foundation of Miss Pink’s existence, she discovers for the first time her passion in life. Dogs Have Angels, Too will move you as well.”

– Sheryl Matthys, The Dog Lovers Matchmaker

Author of Leashes and Lovers


“I’ve found a new gutsy, can-do novel character to cheer for – Miss Pink, the determined, animal advocate in Sarah Cavallaro’s can’t-put-down novel, Dogs Have Angels Too. Page after page, you will find yourself rooting for her and her ever-growing band of second-chance dogs.”

– Arden Moore, Founder of FourLeggedLife.com and host of the Oh Behave Show on Pet Life Radio.



“Dogs Have Angels Too is a journey of a giving heart so big that our heroine is led into homelessness for the sake of her dog companions.  But her dire situations lead us not into darkness but to adventure and grand determination to steward and advocate even more. The revelation being that although we are their stewards and “angels,” if we have open eyes and hearts we see that it is the dogs who provide the enlightenment and resolution.  A beautiful affirmation of their purpose and ours. ”

-MEGAN BLAKE, Pet Lifestyle Coach – Animal Attractions TV


“Cavallaro writes a narrator so full of compassion and insight that her story makes for a refreshing change from a too oft en narcissistic tone used with modern, urban life.  The New York that Miss Pink creates and encourages other to inhabit is a place many of us would love to live. Cavall a ro makes her story timely and timeless. Bravo!”

– Reviewed by Elizabeth Debrowsky, author of My Monk


“This story is an eye opening story on how when things look bad there is a silver lining to be found.   Ms. Pink comments that things are better this week than last week.  Her life struggles are very real to many people.  Even losing her husband and high powered job are not enough to break her or keep her down.  If you are an animal lover this book is a definitely a have to read.  If you are like me, not an animal lover, and are just looking for a good book to read, this book it for you.”

-Reviewed by Charlotte Lynn


Sarah Cavallaro’s, DOGS HAVE ANGELS TOO is a modern day allegory that helps us take a look at our lives and at what matters most. It uses dogs because we all love dogs and they’re not threatening. In this novel, our four-legged friends really need our help. I liked the fact that Sarah wrote a novel with the main character over fifty and interacting with younger characters at the Animal Center and throughout the city. It would be too simple to judge Miss Pink in an unfair light. I’d say you’re not getting it. Maybe you just want to rub the cover. You can find Sarah Cavallaro and “Dogs Have Angels Too” on Facebook.”

-Reviewed by Cindy Roesel


“Every once in a while there is a story that makes us reflect and feel grateful for what we have. This is one of them. Dogs Have Angels Too takes several seemingly hopeless situations and merges them into a successful project. Cavallaro brings to light a question that we all ask at one time or another when we adopt a dog: Who rescued who? In the end, everyone is going to be just fine. Check out this delightful summer read with a furry friend by your side!”

-Reviewed by Keri English for Indie Reader